Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 66 No. 7 Fall 2019

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Editor's Note/Masthead: Magazine histories

Laura Weber

Page/s: 270-270

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Curator's Choice: Charles Lindbergh flight goggles, circa 1930s

Sondra Reierson and Melissa Peterson

Page/s: 271-271

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EyeWitness: Looking in Many Directions

Bonnie Wilson

Page/s: 272-272

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LandMarks: Hoffman Apiaries, Janesville, Waseca County

Ginny Way

Page/s: 273-273

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1969 Bus Strike: Twin Cities Mass Transit Turning Point

Steven Dornfeld

Page/s: 274-284

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Take Me to the River: Establishing a Rowing Home in Minneapolis

Sarah Risser

Page/s: 285-297

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From the Archives: Triple Jeopardy: The 1879 Case of Muus v. Muus

Kathryn Ericson

Page/s: 298-308

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Book Review: Two Homelands: A Historian Considers His Life and Work by Odd S. Lovoll

John Voelker

Page/s: 309-309

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Take Three, News & Notes, Our Back Pages

Page/s: 310-312

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Preserving > Sharing > Connecting : Still Here

Julianna Olsen

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