Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 68 No. 1 Spring 2022

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Contents and Contributors

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Editor’s Note/Masthead

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Curator’s Choice: Lance S. Belville Collection

Kate Hujda

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EyeWitness: Ted Williams with the Minneapolis Millers

John Rosengren

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LandMarks: Canadian National Railway Depot, Warroad, Roseau County

Amy Jo Hahn

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Righting a Wrong: Eighty Years Since the Order That Put Japanese Americans Behind Barbed Wire

Kimmy Tanaka and Krista Finstad Hanson

Page/s: 6-11

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Answering Lincoln’s Call: Hamline University Students and Staff Confront the Civil War

Frederick L. Johnson

Page/s: 12-22

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From the Archives: William B. Riley and the Fight Against Teaching of Evolution in Minnesota

Ferenc M. Szasz

Page/s: 23-34

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News & Notes, Our Back Pages

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Preserving > Sharing > Connecting: The Lynn Lohr & Lance S. Belville Endowment

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