Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 68 No. 2 Summer 2022

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Editor's Note/Masthead

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Curator's Choice: Mike Lynch Collection

Brian Szott

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EyeWitness: Farmer in the Barley

Jim Heynen

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LandMarks: Grain Warehouse, Houston County

Denis Gardner

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"Last Chance Liquor 'til South Dakota": County Option in Minnesota, 19151965

Mike Worcester

Page/s: 42-49

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A Stranger in a Strange Land: Charles Joseph Latrobe and a Visit to Fort Snelling, 1833

Robert L. Reid

Page/s: 50-63

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MNHS Press Book Excerpt: When Minnehaha Flowed with Whiskey: A Spirited History of the Falls

Karen E. Cooper

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News & Notes, Our Back Pages

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Preserving > Sharing > Connecting: Anonymous Giving in Support of Archaeology

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