Minnesota History Magazine

Vol. 68 No. 4 Winter 2022-23

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EyeWitness: Excelsior Amusement Park

John Rosengren

Page/s: 118-118

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LandMarks: Frederick and Maryanna Manfred House, Luverne, Rock County

Ginny Way

Page/s: 119-119

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A Gift to All Deaf Minnesotans: A History of St. Paul's Charles Thompson Memorial Hall

Corinna S. Hill and Bruce Johansen

Page/s: 120-133

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The White Red Men: The Improved Order of Red Men in Minnesota, 18751920

Edward J. Pluth

Page/s: 134-143

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MNHS Press Book Excerpt: "A Child of the Indian Race": A Story of Return

Sandy White Hawk

Page/s: 144-149

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News & Notes, Our Back Pages

Page/s: 150-152

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Preserving > Sharing > Connecting: Community, Collaboration, and Philanthropy: Dr. Sita Kantha Dash

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