Minnesota History Magazine

Summer 2023, Volume 68, Issue 6

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Editor's Note: The Power of Our Imagination/Masthead

Pam McClanahan

Page/s: 202

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Curator's Choice

Teika Pakalns & Barb Sommer

Page/s: 203

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Eyewitness: From Campers to Stewards of Camp Ojiketa

Aimée Bissonette

Page/s: 204

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LandMarks: Hiawatha Golf Course Clubhouse, Minneapolis

John Rosengren

Page/s: 205

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The Life and Legacy of Charles Schulz, Creator of Peanuts

Caroline Harris

Page/s: 206-215

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Fighting Words: Shakespeare and Minnesota's Experience of Civil War

Kevin Windhauser

Page/s: 216-225

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MNHS Press Book Excerpt: Minescapes: Reclaiming Minnesota's Mined Land

Pete Kero

Page/s: 226-236

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Book Review: Colonel Hans Christian Heg and the Norwegian American Experience by Odd S. Lovoll

John Voelker

Page/s: 237

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Take Three, News and Notes, Looking Back

Page/s: 238-240

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Preserving > Sharing > Connecting: An Ongoing Commitment: The Women's Organization of the MNHS

Page/s: Inside back cover

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