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Minnesota Black Music Awards.
Organization records, 1982-1998.

Programs, publicity posters, news clippings, memorabilia, and other records from an awards program created by Pete Rhodes, Kimberly Bedell Rhodes, and other associates to honor black Minnesotans for their contributions to the music world. Also included are some records from the Minnesota Black Music Expo, a related event that featured concerts and workshops for people in the music business.

An electronic version of the inventory for this collection is also available.

Soul Asylum.
Records, undated and 1981-1999.

Contracts, correspondence, financial records, newspaper and magazine clippings, posters, handbills, promotional materials, memorabilia, and ephemera generated by the Minneapolis-based rock group "Soul Asylum" and its tour company, Volume Transport. The collection includes correspondence and contracts from record labels Twin/Tone Records, A&M Records, Columbia Records, Inc., and Sony Music Entertainment, Inc. The bulk of the clippings and correspondence was collected by Mary Mueller, bassist Karl Mueller's mother. The bulk of the ephemera, posters, handbills, stage passes, and similar items was collected by Karl Mueller in conjunction with the group's tours and live performances.

An electronic version of the inventory for this collection is also available.

First Avenue & 7th Street Entry.
Band files and related records, 1977-2004.

Band files for First Avenue, a rock and alternative rock music venue in downtown Minneapolis. The files contain some correspondence with bands and/or agents, contracts, attendance and "take" sheets, photographs of performers and other promotional materials, tickets, post-performance reviews, and other miscellany. The band files provide a chronological record of performances at the popular music club during its first 20 years, and offer a representative glimpse of the alternative rock acts popular in the U.S. during that period.

An electronic version of the inventory for this collection is also available.

Sound Recordings:

Painkillers — Babes in Toyland, 1993.
Spanking Machine — Babes in Toyland, 1989.

Warehouse: Songs and Stories — Hüsker Dü, 1987.
The Warehouse Interview — Hüsker Dü, 1987.

Creatures of Influence — Information Society, 1985.
Running — Information Society, 1985.
Information Society — Information Society, 1988.
Hack — Information Society, 1990.
Don't Be Afraid — Information Society, 1997.

Nova Mob — Nova Mob, 1994.

For You — Prince, 1978.
Little Red Corvette; 1999 — Prince, 1978.
1999; How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore — Prince, 1982.
Delirious; Horny Toad — Prince, 1982.
Let's Pretend We're Married; Irresistible bitch — Prince, 1983.
Purple Rain — Prince, 1984.
When Doves Cry — Prince, 1984.
Around The World In A Day — Prince, 1985.
Kiss [Love] or [Money] — Prince, 1986.
Sign "o" the Times — Prince, 1987.
Lovesexy — Prince, 1988.
Batman — Prince, 1989.
Graffiti Bridge — Prince, 1990.
Diamonds and Pearls — Prince, 1991.
Prince the Hits 2. — Prince, 1993.
The Black Album — Prince, 1994.
Gold — Prince, 1995.
Crystal Ball — Prince, 1997.

Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash — The Replacements, 1981?.
Hootenanny — The Replacements, 1983?.
Let It Be — The Replacements, 1984?.
I Will Dare — The Replacements, 1984?.
Don't Tell a Soul — The Replacements, 1989.

Say What You Will … — Soul Asylum, 1984.
Long way home; Tied to the tracks — Soul Asylum, 1985.
Made To Be Broken — Soul Asylum, 1986.
While You Were Out — Soul Asylum, 1986.
Grave Dancers Union — Soul Asylum, 1992.

In Combo — Suburbs, 1980.
Credit In Heaven — Suburbs, 1981.
Music For Boys; Cigarette in Backwards — Suburbs, 1981.
Dream Hog — Suburbs, 1982?.
Waiting (club mix) — Suburbs, 1982.

Match/Mismatch; Mark He's a Terror — Suicide Commandos, 1977.
The Suicide Commandos Make a Record — Suicide Commandos, 1978, 1996.
The Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert — Suicide Commandos, 1979.

What Time Is It? — The Time, 1982.
Pandemonium — The Time, 1990.
Jerk Out; Mo' Jerk Out — The Time, 1990.
Chocolate; My Drawers — The Time, 1990.
Chocolate — The Time, 1990.

Big Hits of Mid-America. Volume Three — Twin Tone Records, 1979?.
Shuffle This — The Squealer, a Minneapolis-based magazine, 1997?.
Barefoot &: Pregnant: A Compilation — Garage D'or Records, 1998.
Kitten: A Compilation — Garage D'or Records, 1999.
Happy Holidays 2000 — Garage D'or Records, 2000.

Video Recordings:

Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely — Hüsker Dü, 1986.
Could You Be the One — Hüsker Dü, 1987.

1999 — Prince, 1982?.
Purple Rain — Prince, 1984.
Prince: Unauthorized — Simitar Entertainment, Inc., 1992

The Ledge — The Replacements, 1987.

The Walk — The Time, 1988?.
Cool — The Time, 1988?.
Chocolate — The Time, 1990.
Jerk Out — The Time, 1990.
Pandemonium Interview — The Time, 1990.

Other Websites:

Minnewiki: The Minnesota Music Encyclopedia — Minnesota Public Radio.