Lake Superior Shipwrecks
Construction and Career

At 5,039 gross ton, the 4,667 net ton Madeira was built at the Chicago yard of the Chicago Shipbuilding Company in 1900. From 1900 to 1901, the Madeira operated in the fleet of the Minnesota Steamship Company out of Cleveland, Ohio. In 1901, it was sold to the Pittsburgh Steamship Company of Ohio. It carried bulk cargoes of grain and iron ore on the Great Lakes. In early June of 1902, the Madeira achieved international notoriety by running into the International Bridge at Sault Ste. Marie. Very little else is known of the Madeira's career until its loss at Gold Rock in Lake Superior during the November storm in 1905.

The Madeira had one identical ship, the Marsala. The Marsala, an exact duplicate of the Madeira, was reportedly scrapped during the early 20th century. A similar ship, the schooner-barge Manila, was built by the Chicago Shipbuilding Company in 1899. Coincidentally, the Manila also ran aground in Lake Superior during the Mataafa Storm, while in tow of the steamer Lafayette. It was later refloated and repaired. At some point during its career, the Manila was reduced in size. The 4,218 gross ton, 399.5 foot long Manila was scrapped after a lengthy career in 1981.

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