Lake Superior Shipwrecks
Construction and Career

Port side profile view at Sault Ste. Marie, ca. 1899-1903; Great Lakes Marine Collection - Milwaukee Public Library

The Niagara was owned by Merrick and Sons of Detroit, Mich. in 1873. It was sold to H. Esselstyn around 1879. In 1888, R.L. Polk listed the Niagara as B1-1/2 under the ownership of Benjamin F. Boutelle of Bay City, Mich. In 1889-1890, the Niagara was rebuilt and new machinery installed. The new engine was of the fore and aft compound type with bores of 24 inches and 44 inches by 36 inch stroke. This engine was built by the Frontier Iron Works in Detroit and was rated at 560 horsepower. The new boiler was built by Thomas McGregor of Detroit and was a 13-foot by 13-foot Scotch type. In 1901, Boutelle sold the Niagara to Frank Perry of Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., who owned it until it's loss at Knife Island, Minn.

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