Minnesota Territory 1849-1858
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The Exhibit

In 1849 a huge area of the North American continent was established as Minnesota Territory. Settlers eager to make money and put down new roots began pouring across the borders. Nine years later, new boundaries were drawn and the territory became the state of Minnesota.

These same places named and claimed by settlers and politicians had been the homelands, hunting grounds, and burial places of Indian people for thousands of years. And in more recent decades, Indians had shared this land with Europeans and Americans--trading furs and goods, making families, and creating new ways of life.

Although that world was never a static one, by the 1850s it was collapsing with dramatic, even brutal force. During Minnesota's territorial decade, a new world with new faces and values emerged.

In Tales of the Territory you will meet the people who were here in the 1850s--both the newcomers and those who already knew this place as home. We invite you to step back in time and hear their stories.