Voices of Minnesota

Minnesota's Greatest Generation Oral History Project: The Home Front in Western Minnesota


DATE: 1973-1980

INTERVIEWERS: Charles Mylan Bollinger, LaDona Conrads, Patrick Moore, Janet Oian, David Ripley, Steve Vatndal and Tami Wiese

This project chronicles the lives of those who lived through the era of World War II, primarily on the home front. Some of the subjects discussed include involvement in the Rural Electrification Administration program; increase in employment of women during the war; affect of the war on rural communities; the draft; war bond drives; the black market; rationing problems; attitudes toward President Franklin Roosevelt and post-war attitudes towards Russians; service in the Army; general attitudes toward the war; the Great Depression years; shortages of supplies during the war; economic prosperity during the war; readjustment of veterans in society after the war; state of health care during war times; medical services during and after the war; patriotism; and post-war adjustments.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 15 hours 50 minutes

TRANSCRIPTS: 324 pages