Voices of Minnesota

Minnesota's Women Vietnam Veterans Oral History Project


DATE: 2000-2007


This project chronicles the lives of Minnesota nurses who participated in the Vietnam Conflict. One focus of the interviews discusses suffering from and helping those who suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). Another aspect of these interviews chronicles postwar involvement including work with veteran's organizations and the development of two monuments dedicated to the military service of women. Some of the subjects discussed include education prior to entering military service; hospital conditions in Vietnam; gender roles in the military; reactions of family members after enlisting; civilian life after Vietnam; involvement in PTSD groups; involvement in the Veterans Administration (VA); creating the Women in Military Service to America Memorial (WIMSA); basic training through the Army Nurse Corps; the Anti-War Movement; thoughts on the Iraq War; creating the Vietnam Women's Memorial; Communism and the Cold War; modern perceptions of the Vietnam Conflict; the importance of women in the military.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 35 hours 3 minutes

TRANSCRIPTS: 729 pages