Voices of Minnesota

Minnesota Environmental Issues Oral History Project


DATE: 1986-1990

INTERVIEWERS: Margaret Robertson and James E. Fogerty

The Minnesota Environmental Issues Oral History Project documents a significant trend throughout the state's history: Minnesotans' ongoing concern with their environment.

The 20th century has seen a dramatic growth in efforts to conserve Minnesota's natural resources. These events have not occurred without controversy, however, and the debate continues over issues such as timber wolf preservation, acid rain control, and forest management policies.

The Minnesota Environmental Issues Oral History Project included interviews with individuals representing a variety of viewpoints on the conservation and utilization of natural resources. Through these interviews, the narrators reveal not only their roles and that of various organizations in environmental history, but point the way to the future of natural resources management in Minnesota.

VIDEOTAPED INTERVIEWS: Video components, including brief interviews and more extensive background footage, are available for the following interviews: William Bryson, Paul Hansen, Margaret Kohring, and Grant J. Merritt. Shot lists of the video tapes are available in the Oral History Office.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 49 hours 34 minutes

TRANSCRIPTS: 1,003 pages