Voices of Minnesota

Minnesota Farm Economy Oral History Project


DATE: 1988-1992

INTERVIEWER: Margaret Robertson

The Minnesota Farm Economy Oral History Project documents the state's number one industry: agriculture. Although Minnesota's economy continues to rely on resource-dependent industries, agriculture has retained its importance due in part to its diversification.

While many of the interviews in the Society's oral history collections contain depictions of farm life, most of the reminiscences focus on early twentieth-century life. The Minnesota Farm Economy Project documents the changing role of farming in the late twentieth century through interviews with people from a variety of backgrounds. Through these interviews, the narrators discuss their roles and those of various agricultural organizations, and their work in banking and business development upon Minnesota's agricultural economy.

VIDEOTAPED INTERVIEWS: Video components, including brief interviews and more extensive background footage, are available for the interviews with Donald Drescher, Gary Hansen, David Lunde, Herb Richter, and Gloria Tepfer. Shot lists and rough transcripts of these video components are available in the Oral History Office.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 24 hours 24 minutes

TRANSCRIPTS: 456 pages