Voices of Minnesota

Minnesota Farm Advocate Oral History Project


DATE: 1988-1989

INTERVIEWER: Dianna Hunter

The Minnesota Farm Advocate Oral History Project consists of thirty-one interviews with men and women from around the state who have been active with farm advocacy problems and programs. The interviews are made up of personal stories that describe what farm advocates do.

Different personal styles of advocacy become evident as the narrators discuss important topics such as mediation and negotiation. Working with farmers who have diverse ideas and personalities often creates frustrations for the advocates and different agencies. These frustrations are described along with the emotional rewards that come with helping communities. Trends of farm advocacy and the historical roots of the trends are discussed, and agricultural law is touched upon. Organizations such as the Farmer's Home Administration and the Minnesota Farm Advocate Program are discussed as well as the farm activist group Groundswell.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 47 hours 9 minutes

TRANSCRIPTS: 1,127 pages