Voices of Minnesota

Itasca State Park Oral History Project


DATE: 1993-1994, 2000

INTERVIEWERS: Gladwin Lynne, Ron Miles, Amy K. Rieger and Ben Thoma

In 1993 oral history intern Amy K. Rieger, working for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, did 27 interviews with people who had associations with Itasca State Park. She spoke with architects, directors, long and short time employees, including Civilian Conservation Corps workers, visitors, and people who lived near the park.

Also included are sound recordings of two Itasca Park programs presented by Ben Thoma, "Walk Through Time" and "People of Itasca".

In 1994 Ben Thoma, retired Itasca State Park Naturalist, interviewed an architect and people restoring buildings at the park. In 2000 he did a series of interviews with 17 other people associated with the park.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 53 hours 38 minutes

TRANSCRIPTS: 928 pages