Voices of Minnesota

Minnesota Black History Project


DATE: 1970-1975

INTERVIEWERS: David V. Taylor (principal interviewer), Musa Foster, Seitu Jones, Ethel Ray Nance, Malik Simba and Steven Trimble

In 1974 the Minnesota Historical Society used funds provided by the Northwest Area Foundation to collect and organize materials germane to the history of blacks in Minnesota. During two summers the staff of the Minnesota Black History Project, under the direction of David V. Taylor, collected records of organizations, institutions, clubs and churches, as well as personal papers, genealogies, photographs and oral interviews. The series includes the oral history interviews conducted for this project as well as some earlier interviews Taylor undertook in doing research for his doctoral dissertation. A more complete description of these interviews and of other material in the Society's collections relating to blacks is contained in Blacks in Minnesota: A Preliminary Guide to Historical Sources compiled by David V. Taylor and published by the Society in 1976.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 28 hours 18 minutes

TRANSCRIPTS: 728 pages