Voices of Minnesota

Zippel Bay Oral History Project


DATE: August 18, 1986

INTERVIEWERS: Gladwin Lynne, Diane Morris and Ben Thoma

Interviews with three long-time residents of the Zippel Bay area in Lake of the Woods County, Minnesota, present day site of Zippel Bay State Park, conducted by the State Park Interpretive Program, Region I, Department of Natural Resources. The main purpose was to gather information about the early years of the Zippel Bay State Park area, specifically about the Zippel Bay "townsite", the fishery located there, and the life and times of early residents. The information gathered was to be used as background for brochures and/or informative signage for use at the Zippel "townsite" and elsewhere within the park.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 2 hours 49 minutes