Voices of Minnesota

Minnesota Water Resources Board Oral History Project


DATE: August - October 1977

INTERVIEWER: Thomas Copeland

The interview was commissioned by the Minnesota Chapter of the Soil Conservation Society of America. All the men interviewed were involved in various ways and degrees in the general development of the soil erosion projects in Minnesota and southwestern Wisconsin. There are discussions about the soil conservation programs, what they were, who they served and the results; the farm demonstration projects; the Soil Conservation Districts; the Soil Conservation Service; the origination and importance of the Soil Conservation Society of America and ancillary groups. Many of the men also talk about the Depression era and the CCC camps. One man, Chester Wilson, served at the national level and was appointed by President Eisenhower to a committee whose work resulted in the establishment of the Wild and Scenic River Systems and the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation. Other prominent men mentioned in the various tapes are United States Secretary of Agriculture Hugh Bennett, Orville Freeman, Hubert Humphrey and Governor Harold Stassen.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 12 hours 58 minutes