Voices of Minnesota

Weyerhaeuser Family Oral History Project


DATE: 1986-1987

INTERVIEWER: Leilee W. Reiter

In these interviews, members of the Weyerhaeuser family discuss their family relationships, interests, civic activities, schooling, work ethics and the Weyerhaeuser lumber and milling industry. Sarah-Maud Sivertsen and Carl Weyerhaeuser include reminiscences of their childhood home in Little Falls, and at Lake Alexander, Minnesota; their early schooling; Sarah-Maud Weyerhaeuser's musical talents; and the death of their father, Charles. Catherine Mills Davis talks about her marriage to Edwin Davis, life and culture in Cloquet, Minnesota, and her association with Weyerhaeuser family members. Robert Sivertsen talks about the Weyerhaeuser family membership in the House of Hope Presbyterian Church in Saint Paul, and his and Sarah-Maud's support of Minnesota Public Radio.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 9 hours 11 minutes

TRANSCRIPTS: 314 pages