Voices of Minnesota

Oral History Interview with Helen Thane Katz

DATE: April 5, 1986

INTERVIEWER: John A. Dougherty and Lucile M. Kane

Mrs. Katz was a lifelong Minnesotan and graduate of the University of Minnesota. She worked at editorial assistant for the Minnesota Historical Society and an indexer for Minnesota History until 1988. She was also affiliated with the Norwegian American Historical Association as an editor for many years. Mrs. Katz died on July 29, 1993 at the age of 93.

Mrs. Katz discusses movies in Minnesota in the 1920s. She retells tales of movies, theaters and actors of the time. She also relates a great deal of history regarding various movie theaters in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, including the role played by the Fenkelstien and Ruben families, the largest movie theater owners in the state.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 1 hour 34 minutes

TRANSCRIPT: 52 pages