Voices of Minnesota

Oral History Interview with Vincent Raymond Dunne

DATE: April 27, 1969

INTERVIEWER: Lila Johnson (Goff)

Vincent Raymond Dunne (1889-1970) was born in Kansas City, but he spent most of his boyhood on a farm in central Minnesota. He became active in the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) when a migrant worker on the West Coast, and in 1920 joined the Communist Party. He was a major organizer of the 1934 truckers' strike in Minneapolis, and an active Trotskyite throughout his life.

Subjects discussedi include: early life on the farm; early work in West and experiences in the IWW and the Communist Party in 1920s; the Trotskyites and philosophical differences with Communists; the Socialist Workers Party; 1934 Truckers' Strike; organizing radical labor groups.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 1 hour 44 minutes

TRANSCRIPT: 45 pages