Voices of Minnesota

Oral History Interview with Elizabeth Close

DATE: June 26 and September 25, 2000

INTERVIEWER: Jane K. Hession

Elizabeth Scheu Close was born in Austria. She completed her studies in the United States. She and Winston Close established an architecture practice in Minnesota and worked on many projects including University Grove.

Subjects discussed in the June 26 interview include: early life; Austria; early influences; education; design of childhood home; guest book; experiences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; practicing architecture in Minnesota; Art Today house; modern design; University Grove work; maintaining personal life while working; furniture design; Adolf Loos; her mother's translation work; music; models; special features.

Subjects discussed in the September 25 interview include: Skywater; original owners; site; design; budget; structure; building materials; fireplaces; roofing; furniture; materials used in unusual ways; refrigeration without electricity; andirons; trellises; magical quality.

These interviews are two in a series of oral history interviews with Elizabeth Scheu Close. A transcript of the complete series is cataloged separately in the library.

LENGTH OF INTERVIEW: 1 hour 55 minutes

TRANSCRIPT: 22 pages