Voices of Minnesota

Oral History Interview with Patricia Ewert

DATE: May 5, 1980

INTERVIEWER: Priscilla Cleveland

Patricia Ewert was born on May 14, 1955 in Bemidji, Minnesota. On June 3, 1977 she became the unwed mother of a daughter, Jessica. At the time of the interview Ms. Ewert was receiving assistance from the Beltrami County Service Center and was a junior at Bemidji State University.

In the interview, Ms. Ewert talks about what it is like to be a welfare recipient. She talks about her background and why she needed financial assistance, the process of seeking help, the programs she participates in (Aid to Families with Dependent Children, child care, the medical assistance program and food stamps), her social worker, her self esteem, her parents help, her thoughts on the welfare program as a whole, the stereotype of a welfare recipient, and her relationship to other members of the community.


TRANSCRIPT: 12 pages