Voices of Minnesota

Oral History Interview with A.A. Heckman

DATE: January 20 - May 10, 1982


Al Heckman came to St. Paul in 1931 as general secretary of the United Charities in St. Paul. During the 1930s he reorganized the Ramsey County Welfare Board, directed the federal Works Progress Administration and started a Family Economics Program. In 1952 Heckman became executive director of the Hill Family Foundation, which later became the Northwest Area Foundation.

Heckman discusses private and public welfare organizations in St. Paul in the 1930s; his association with Louis Hill and other Hill family members involved in the family foundation; Francis Butler, lawyer for Louis Hill; various projects supported by the foundation and the foundation's history. The transcript also includes interviews with Irving Clark, Northwest Area Foundation board member.

TRANSCRIPT: 180 pages