Sue Dickey Hough

Sue Dickey Hough.
Sue Dickey Hough.

“I promise to do what the word stands for, ‘REPRESENT.’ I will use my best judgment at all times to pass laws which will be of the greatest benefit to the greatest number.”

Sue Dickey Hough, campaign advertisement, 1922

Sue Dickey Hough was one of four women elected to the Minnesota legislature in 1922. She served a single term, followed by four unsuccessful bids for re-election.

Hough ran a real estate office in Minneapolis before running for office. Her slogan for her later campaigns was “a business woman for a business position.” In 1923, she wrote a summary of her legislative work:

The bills in which I was interested were as varied as my several committees. I selected Taxes and Tax Laws, having made a study of taxes for some years and being particularly interested in the reduction of same. Motor Vehicles was a pet committee for I had campaigned to adjust the inequalities in our present law.

Public Utilities was one which dealt with many vital measures; the Crime Committee was another pet of mine. Our crime wave had increased so rapidly that I was most desirous of getting a revolver bill passed. Markets and Marketing dealing with the farmers’ problems with which I was familiar as I sold a great deal of farm land; and Cities Committee dealing with all legislation affecting the cities were the other committees of my choice.

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