Transcript for Votes For Women


Rose McGee: Being able to vote in this country is a privilege that people who look like me died for.

Anastasia Rousseau: I can't imagine not being able to have the right to vote.

Anne McKeig: The right to vote really puts us in positions of policymakers, in positions of


Carolina Ortiz: The day that I will be able to vote, I can't even express the emotion and happiness that that would bring me.

Vangie Castro: Your vote is your voice.


Vangie Castro: When it came down to it, it allowed white women to have the vote.



Rose McGee: Anna Arnold Hedgeman.

Carolina Ortiz: Marguerite Milton Wells.

Anne McKeig: Gratia Countryman.

Anastasia Rousseau: Jenova Martin.

Vangie Castro: Theresa Peyton.

Carolina Ortiz: We are where we are today because of them.

Anastasia Rousseau: They're really brave for what they did, especially because it was not welcome.

Rose McGee: The stories need to be told.


Anne McKeig: Just because we have the passage of the 19th Amendment, it doesn't mean that we are done.

Vangie Castro: You have to be resilient, and sometimes very disruptive to get the change that you need.