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Title: Blueprints of the Minnesota Stoneware Company Factory
Type: Data
Date: no date
Source: Minnesota Historical Society

Description: This blueprint was created by the Milwaukee Appraisal Company for insurance purposes.

Blueprints of the Minnesota Stoneware Company Factory


  1. The Main Building on the blueprint is where the workers would turn the pots on wheels as shown in Photo 1 in this unit. Since the workers were in the Main Building and the clay storage and mill were in another building, how do you think the workers were able to get more clay for the wheels without taking time to leave their work?

  2. Milk pans and flower pots were made on machines called "jollies" on the second floor of the Main Building. Since this was a state-of-the-art factory for this time period, how many pans or pots would you guess that a worker could make in one day?

  3. Since pottery needed to be heated and dried in a kiln, there was a high risk of fire in the factory. What things do you think the company might have included in the factory to prevent this?

  4. Why do you think a blueprint like this would need to be made after the factory was built?